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Thread: Tutorial Threads & Discussions.

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    Tutorial Threads & Discussions.


    I had a suggestion on the tutorial threads. I was thinking something along the lines of removing the reply option, as in the roll call, and giving the thread poster access to make any changes throughout the lifespan of the tutorial, and once a tutorial is posted, than another thread can be created such as "Tutorial X Discussion" I have read tutorials, and then went through a page or so of "Nice" "kewl" "good to know" in order to find some additions or recomendations, and I know a tutorial creator loves to hear how others feel about his or hers work, I thought we made an effort to make this point through assigning points with a comment. I guess my suggestion would be in regards to keeping the tutorial threads as clean an easy to follow as possible.

    Sort of the point JP made in The Tutorials Forum: READ ME FIRST! - http://www.antionline.com/announceme...?s=&forumid=59

    "This is a place for AntiOnline users to post original tutorials that they've written about a variety of subjects.

    Each tutorial should be posted as a new thread, and never as just a reply. Also, new threads should ONLY be started when posting a tutorial.

    If you have already posted your tutorial in a different forum, do NOT post it here too. E-mail jp@antionline.com with the thread ID, and he'll move the existing thread here for you.

    Feel free to reply to each tutorial with your questions (that are relevant to the tutorial), thoughts, and ideas. Any questions not directly related to the tutorial should be posted in the other discussion forums."

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    I get sick of "nice" "good one" etc type of replys also. Personally, I would rather there be a way to remove just those replies. Sometimes other people post addendums/corrections to a tutorial, so I don't really want to see the reply go away. I just think people should put a little bit of thought into a post before they do it.
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    thats also an easy way to get posts....and you really arent doing anything. i admit that i have been guilty of that a few times....ill knock it right off.

    i like the suggestion too.

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    Originally posted here by souleman
    Sometimes other people post addendums/corrections to a tutorial, so I don't really want to see the reply go away.
    This was a reason I suggested the thread creator have access to add in such suggestions. Like I said "I try to look for the addendums/corrections and I have to go through a couple pages of nice/way to go/great." I'm sure others see so much of that they probably skip by the addendums/corrections. I don't know how many times I have skimmed through threads and seen a very worthy post in between a page of gibberish. I bet you 90% of the people reading that thread are skipping over this one worthy post worth being looked at.

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