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Thread: W2k user profile cracking

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    W2k user profile cracking

    I am interested to know, does any one know of a way to crack a W2k users locally stored domain profile, so that the password can be reset? So the cracker can then log in as that user.
    I am aware of the Linux hack to get you on to a W2k machine as local admin - so that would be a starting point.
    I don't want this spelt out - only if it can be done?
    If it can - do you know of any documentation? Or contact me directly.
    Thanks advance

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    I understand you are a newbie, and I will make it easy on you: This forum and this site is NOT about cracking any user accounts from anywhere whithout having administrative permissions to change such accounts. If I were you, I would delete this thread now.

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    Can it be done? Yes.
    Should it be done? No.
    Did you read the AO FAQ (link sent within your welcome e-mail message)? No.
    Should you be asking this? No.
    Is anyone going to help you with this? No.
    Is anyone going to give you negatives for asking how to crack passwords? Probably.


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