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Thread: Top 3 Firewalls?

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    Top 3 Firewalls?

    Im looking for 3 firewalls and an IDS for my Win2k box.... I have a webserver running mysql..... The firewalls could be free or not, the IDS would have to be free

    Im looking for software firewalls, not hardware.... I have a few choices of my own but I want to see the AO users top 3

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    Top 3 firewalls:
    1. Tiny
    2. NeoWorx/NeoWatch
    3. ZoneAlarm

    whoops, my last post was a messup... i 4got to put in the IDS :/

    Top 3 firewalls:
    1. Tiny
    2. NeoWorx/NeoWatch
    3. ZoneAlarm

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    i dont have a top 3 , i got a top 2 .... which is the only two i ever used im a newbie icant help it! lol

    number one is tiny personal firewall ... i hate to admit it but loony's right , it does own ZA
    and number 2 is ZA

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    My top three (software) firewalls for Win32:

    1 Outpost Pro
    2 ZoneAlarm Plus/Pro
    3 Tied:
    -- Tiny PFW 3
    -- Sygate PF Pro

    IDS: http://www.sourcefire.com/]Snort

    I know that many people prefer Tiny and Sygate over ZoneAlarm, but I have personally had very good experiences with ZoneAlarm within a network environment. Also, ZoneLabs tech support has been far superior to that of the other firms, at least in my own, limited, experiences with them.

    If you want detailed information on why I prefer one over the other, I'll be more than happy to give you some insight if you PM me.


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    blackice defender is top on my list im not 2 sure about everyone else though
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    Definitly Tiny. It's the best firewall out there I think. Tiny SW came out with an IDS I think, you might investigate that.

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    I saw your question, I don't have a top 3 software firewall choice,
    my 1 (and only) choice would be ...

    An old dusty 486 with *nix (or BSD) and IPtables

    Better than anything else IMHO.

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    The only experience I have with these is from a support end really. I've not employed a windows OS in my house at present, though it could happen some day... hahahha.. But any how, the list is as follows :

    1. Agnitum's OutPost

    2. Zone Alarm

    3.. Tiny Firewall

    4. Sygate

    8. NeoWatch

    9. HackTracer

    and last but certainly least. effective...

    10. Black Ice Defender

    The info I have on the software firewalls comes from my background as broadband Tier 3 support. We seem to only see a number of calls that have incidents where someones firewall was breached, and this is the most common occurrence of such incidents. (10 is the worst there is, 1 the best it seems.)

    IDS for windoze : I've got nothing as I haven't that much experience with this in the M$ os's


    edit :
    Mcafee and norton fit in the list after 4 somewhere. They are pretty equal in many ways it seems.

    Lench - you may want to read some reviews on blackice. The interface is kinda pretty and rather convenient, but as a firewall it is really a joke. Check it out here.
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    yeaaa IPTABLES is phat.

    i liked black ice better than ZA

    hands down SNORT

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    top3 firewalls for windows:
    ZA (I don't like the splash screen)

    intrusion detection:
    snort is nice
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