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Thread: Custom Signatures

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    Talking Custom Signatures

    If any of you want/need a custom signature, I will make one for you. All you need to do is say what you want it to say, and what type of layout(background). All requests should be posted either here or in the IRC channel #AntiOnline.
    I put all of them on www.angelfire.com/linux/daeda1us
    Thank you...
    All feed back is welcome


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    I see we have another one returning from a banned account. Welcome back [pHA]XeNoCiDe. Maybe you can do better this time. Good luck.
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    I knew the name sounded familiar! Nice observation, P2P.

    Good luck with the logos. I'm not really into having graphical signatures (why bother?), but maybe you'll get a few hits. Though, I think most people, if they really wanted a custom signature, could probably make it themselves with very little work in an image-editting program.


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