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    Looking for E-mail Virus

    I'd like to test my mail server by sending some mail virus to it. Is there a easy way to do that?

    I'd rather test mail virus that wouldn't do enormous damage to my system.

    I've tried to send one from my own system but it didn't work because when i tried to save the virus to attach to my email my system automatically detected and deleted the virus. So i've to send the email from a web site not from my own system.

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    Try the Eicar test "virus".. Read below for instructions..

    Source: Mcafee installation package.


    You can test the operation of the software by
    running the EICAR Standard AntiVirus Test File
    on any computer where you have installed the
    software. The EICAR Standard AntiVirus Test
    File is a combined effort by anti-virus vendors
    throughout the world to implement one standard
    by which customers can verify their anti-virus

    To test your installation:

    1. Copy the following line into its own file,
    then save the file with the name EICAR.COM.


    The file size will be 68 or 70 bytes.

    2. Start your anti-virus software and allow it
    to scan the directory that contains

    When your software scans this file, it will
    report finding the EICAR test file.

    3. Delete the file when you have finished
    testing your installation to avoid alarming
    unsuspecting users.

    Please note that this file is NOT A
    If you want to do a real world test use www.google.com and search for information about what a virus are.. And how you safe can handle them without endanger yourself and other people.


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    I have tried the Eicar test but it's not possible to do it on same machine. Why?
    Because prior to the test the anti-virus software on machine must be enable so I won't be able to create the file and save it as eicar.com.

    So the virus has to be send from a different machine with no virus software enabled.
    I thought there was web site that i just could specify my email address and email with virus attached would be send to it.

    Looks like i have to disable anti-virus on one of my machines and send the virus affected email from there.

    Thanx micael

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