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    I was cruising the internet and found this neat logic problem

    the problem and answer can be found here I'd hope that you try to solve it without looking at the answer.

    Tom is from the census bureau and greets Mary at her door. The have the following conversation:

    Tom: I need to know how old your three kids are.
    Mary: The product of their ages is 36.
    Tom: I still don't know their ages.
    Mary: The sum of their ages is the same as my house number.
    Tom: I still don't know their ages.
    Mary: The younger two are twins.
    Tom: Now I know their ages! Thanks!
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    thanks zepherin, that was fun!
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    I really like those things. I bought a book full of these kind of riddles. I lost it but I will let U know when I found it.
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    IRL the guy would say, Answer the damn question..... How old are your kids...or he woudln't truley do the census at all.
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