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    Ok, I considered putting this in web development, because it is a good example of a VERY bad site.

    Anyway, I am looking for some different translation software, because my company has been haveing problems communicating with a couple of clients over seas. I decided to checkout http://systransoft.com/ to see what they had. On their main page, they have 8 little flags in the top right corner. Being curious, I decided to check them out an see what they are all about. Well, here is a screen shot of the results.....Either check it out, or try for yourself.
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    Same problem... However, I was able use the web page translation to view www.antionline.com in French. I guess it would be a little bit better if I could read French. Are you looking for a piece of software to translate web pages or documents?

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    It's pretty sad when a translation web site cannot translate it's own site.

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