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Thread: Thought this article was pretty funny

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    Thought this article was pretty funny

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    Would have the breasts alone been efficient enough? I mean, c'mon, no need to smear drugs all over your bosom to put a man in a stupor... all you need is to have all the blood go from the brain into the nether place and he will be in a stupor enough. Maybe it's just me, but I have seen both men and women being taken for a lot more than wallets and cars in the name of love or in the hope of "getting some."

    Anyway, that was an interesting find...

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    i've heard about this for a while now. i think its rather clever. women using their powers for evil.
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    I guess I should be cautious hooking up with a girl at the bar. First thing you know your licking her neck, and then you wake up on the street, because the bouncer thought you passed out drunk. Actually, I hope i didn't give anyone ideas, because who's to say a guy would know the difference at the bar. He would think he drank to much, and passed out. Anyone at the bar could have taken his stuff after that. Then he wakes up outside the car, and all he assumes is that he passed out. Scary!!!!!

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    i guess in the end the guys really did "pay" for lickage. Just goes to show you - nothing in life is free.

    Funny article tho...
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