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Thread: AOL Boosted Ad Revenue Says Wash. Post

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    AOL Boosted Ad Revenue Says Wash. Post

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    With broadband costing as much as a subscription to AOL, alot more users are going to switch over. The only thing I don't understand is how users of AOL keep their accounts open when they do decide to go over to broadband. I have a co-worker that just got cable and I asked for his new e-mail address and he said XXXXXX@aol.com. Some people are just made of money..... As soon as AOL raises its price again maybe 10% more of their users will flee with hands flying... Amatuers On Line.... AcK~

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    AOL offers broadband, unfortunately, here, it's not available. AOL is expensive, compared to local ISPs, but it's cheaper than broadband, which I can't afford, and has the best speed compared to anyone else in the area on dialup.

    I don't happen to LOVE AOL, but it gets me online, better than anyone else in the area can for this price.


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    WOW...another conglomerate LIES about how much money they are making. I am sooo shocked.
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    Yeah, I believe I read this in the news. (The hardcopy.) I hope AOL gets some closer scrutiny... I'm glad that the much-feared-big-brother-brainwash-factor of AOL + Time Warner didn't really pan out. After all, since the merger the company has done worse than before.
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