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Thread: Changing careers, need some advice pls

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    Changing careers, need some advice pls

    Right now I'm a network admin for a midsize company. It was great at first, but now its turned into nothing more than babysitting. I'm not really learning or doing anything new and exciting. I was looking into getting into the security field.
    Right now I have pretty much zero *nix experience, so I should probably crack open a book, and start messing around right? There are already quite a few books that I'd like to look into in regards to security and such, but I'd like some advice from those that are already in the field.
    What areas should I focus on in the beginning?

    Another question that I've been wondering about too...
    As far as OS's go, what is the prevailing one that security apps are run on? I know a lot of you are *nix fans and everything, but would someone who runs security apps on Windows be laughed out of the office?
    What do you think?

    Thanks for any advice or answers!

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    Sounds pretty much like what I did up to about a week ago. Anyway I'm headed back to a public service job I left 7 years ago. Pretty good area mixed of Unix, Linux, Win, Novell you name it it's there. Lots of peers also to throw around ideas and a perfect place to take classes for free. Pay just a bit less but public service is pretty stable unlike the private sector right now. Hope this helps
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