Some of you might have heard of the "Portal Project" by Valhallen. I haven't heard any news about it quite a while. The original portal project was an idea to create a site about webmasters and their sites. But now the idea seems have died.

As some of you know, I have a site. The original site was about webgraphics and webdesign. Mostly in plain html and some flash. After a while I took the site down to do some major mods. But i'm almost finished with the major remodifications that its been going trough. I want the site to also be something like "the portal project". The site has a forum, links section, exstensive user profile etc. For the base of the site I used phpBB 2.0. I heavily modded the security enviremont (or however you spell it). I also added many new features in addition to the original phpBB engine. Now its a completely closed site. The only way to access any page on the site is using your password from your profile. Atleast, that is what I hope to have achieved. This is my first major php Project so I hope that everything went well. I tested the adjustments on my pc through Apache, but as most of you know, real testing has to be online by the users.

So, when the site goes online, (i'm currently STILL waiting for my cobalt to come in. grrrr) i'd like to ask you to exstensivelly test the system. To find ways around it. To look for bugs. To try to "create" bugs by using the site in ways that its not designed for. And finally, to report your findings to me.

The final purpose of all this is to have a community for webdesigners to show off their site, to ask advice to eachother, to share resources/experiences. Kinda similar to the original Portal Project by Valhallen.

If any of you like to help me out on this, reply to this post with any comments, tips, additions etc. If you want to help me out on the "beta testing" i'll sent you a weekly email with any improvements, bug reports, version updates etc. PM me if you want to beta test the site. I'll get you a user account to login to the site when its online.

And for anyone who just wants to join this new community, just wait up. When the site is finished for major use, it will be posted here.

Thanx ppl,
I hope to realize this new look at the original Portal Project by Valhallen

Sick Dwarf