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    ok, here is my token post.
    sickdwarf, you got my email.
    count me in.
    just like water off a duck\'s back... I AM HERE.

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    I would also like to contribute to your new site (beta testing or anything else). sounds like a great project for you and the community. Let me know!
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    /me pokes head in

    why you lil stealing my idea
    heh am glad that someone is taking over and _sorta_ continuing the project - would be a shame for it to die out just cause of my bloody work comitments >_<
    Email me with some account details and I'll have a crack at it (no pun intended) whenever I get a chance man.....


    M.I.A from AO for 28+ days and counting

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    Nooooooo! This idea shouldn't die!

    Sorry about that. I haven't posted for a while because of personal reasons. Unfortunatly, my server still hasn't arrived and my internet connection still isn't a "connection". I hate chello I uploaded a temporary site that shows the progress of the overal project. When my server gets in, I'll upload the whole thing and developers/betatesters can have access to the "big version" for testing etc. Check it out at http://www.sickdwarf.com and if you're still interrested, you can fill in the form to apply for developer/betatester there. I'll put you on the list when you applied. Unfortunatly, you can't work on any projects till my server gets here.

    Sorry for the delay and the different ways of applying, but hey, maybe its all worth it.


    Sick Dw@rf.

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    I just signed up. I checked your site a little while ago and got a page with a notice that you still hadn't received your server package. I'm still interested though....and I'm sure others still are too...

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    I'm intrested! Contact me..

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    I applyed, do I get some kind of ... darn ... bevestiging ... confirmation, or do I just have to wait some while till the real thing is running?
    I still think it's a great idea and I hope the site get's as big as Antionline, or even bigger.
    Double Dutch

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    I finally have some news for you. Some guy from chello was at my door today. He came with the message; "Hello, i'm from chello. I'm hear to bring you the internet". I smiled, fell to my knees and begged the man to make it quick. 4,5 Stressing minutes later, I signed the contract and kicked the guy out. I finally have permanent access to the internet.

    So, what's next? The server. I have decided to wait untill I have enough money to set my server up closer to the dutch backbone, in Amsterdam. Untill I have the server, the site's current host is going to expand from 10mb to 100mb. Even more if possible. So, I have to ask you once again, please wait.

    I'll create 3 positions for betatesting. These positions are permanent. They have their own function next to the moderators. These functions are:
    RD Crewmember - Research & Development. This person will research new concepts, possibilities and opportunities. Works independently and brings up the new ideas at site chat meetings. Has moderator access to all forums.
    PR Crewmember - Public Relations. This crewmember is responsible for site promotion, newsletters and resolving differences between moderators and the site's regular members. Has moderator access to all forums.
    BM Crewmember - Bussiness Moves. This crewmember seekes out good deals on server space (when needed) and other cash-related thingies. Note: The BM Crewmember will NEVER seek out deals on banners, pop-ups or other spam related ****. These annoying screen-fillers will never be on the site. Has moderator access to all forums.

    These possitions will be available when the backbone of the site goes online. As you see, there are only 3 positions available. These positions give the crewmember significant (site-related) power and they must be assigned to people I can trust. So I want to have a one-to-one chat session with every candidate. As you understand, I can't mail everyone who responded to this post, because their mind might have changed. So, if you still want to be in, mail me or fill in the form on my temporary site.

    After that, I will compare the results and choose the crewmembers. The moderators will be choosen when the site progressed a little more. I think we can handle those 10 members on our own, for now ;-).

    This ends my current report. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please mail me. And, if you want to do something for the site, let people fill in that developer's form

    My sincere apologies for the long wait, and greetings.

    Sick Dw@rf

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    Again hello,

    I knew that I'll make some progress when i'm online 780hours a day. Within 1 week, the domainname and 10mb webspace will be transfered from the sponser to my me. Also, within the same week, I will upgrade the webspace from 10mb to 100mb.

    That's it for now. I will not let you down.

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    There are already a lot of web masters forums for this kind of matters and i think


    will be the answer to your problem...

    there are so much people willing to help U out

    hope it helps

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