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Thread: Please help! WindowsXP/PC Problem

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    Please help! WindowsXP/PC Problem

    I have a desktop computer with windows xp hooked up to a wireless router via cable and another pc in another room connecting to the router with a wireless pc card. Ok, everything has been going fine up until recently the desktop has been getting this error when I try to access the internet through internet explorer. No pages will load and

    I get this error: Downloading from site: res://C:Windows/System32/shdoclc.ll/dnserror.htm.
    When I hook the cable modem straight into this pc the internet used to work(even after I started getting this error when it was hooked up to the router), but now I get that error hooked up to the router or not.

    When I hooked the router up to the other pc in my room via cable, everything worked fine. I was able to get access the internet on both the pc hooked directly up to the router as well as the pc in the other room with the wireless pc card.

    Here is why I think it is not a router or cable modem problem, but some sort of pc configuration problem for my desktop. When I hook the router directly to my desktop I get the usual dns error, but meanwhile the computer in the other room gets the internet fine.

    This DNS error has gone away and come back after restarting my pc a couple times, but now, it simply won't go away. Everytime I try to browse the internet with my destop I get this error, whether The cable modem is hooked directly to it or it its hooked up to the router.

    My cables are fine because I can use them to connect to the other pc to the router and modem and they work fine. Plus, they have been working when the error has gone away for a few times this week.

    So what do you suggest I do about this error?

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    bump..please help

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    I had the same problem some weeks ago
    someone on the web help me doing that:
    run: regedit
    find that key : hey key local machine
    current control set

    you must delete that winsock2 that is probably
    damaged by a downloaded program

    then uninstall window network
    restart and reinstall window network
    the key is right again

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