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Thread: AMD vs. Intel

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    Originally posted here by hurt-conveyor
    nice icon joey, ramones kick ass
    Thank you, but next time just click on the assign points or just PM a message like that. You don't want to get in trouble for being off subject. Just watching you back... - Joey

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    expect an A+ xmaddness thats a kick ass paper dude
    By the sacred **** of the sacred psychedelic tibetan yeti ....We\'ll smoke the chinese out
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    Originally posted here by Joey_Batch_File
    AMD easier to overclock, and easier to keep cool in my honest opinion.
    You should turn that process you gave me into a tutorial. It worked great.

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    nice paper xmaddness,
    The big thing I want to see is which companies idea on the 64 bit arch. will be the winner. Amd with pushing the x86 architecture. even further or Intel with trying to develope a whole new type of arch. For now it seems like amd has the best for the present as the 64 bit arch.. Mainly because x86 binaries run extremely fast under the amd arch., since it is just an extension of x86 arch.. Intel is looking towards the future and trying to move past the x86 arch.. Intel's chip doesn't work as well as amd's chip with x86 binaries because they have gone with a new type of arch. but instead runs them in a compatible mode. I am guessing Intel hopes to leave the x86 arch. behind for good.

    for more info check out www.extremetech.com

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    nice one xmaddness... but put it thru a spell checker before you hand it in ok?

    them teachers are hecklers for spelling..

    although eventually I will have to break down and make a choice, of which I still havnít.
    can you spell "haven't" .. buddy ? lol

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    Nice paper, xmaddness.

    I'm impressed on the research that you've made in order to write such great paper.
    Don't all or substract anything from it... the whole paper is just great!

    Hope ya got good grades from this paper.

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    lol.. i did about ten minutes of research.. I knew most of it from just keeping up with www.tomshardware.com what a great site.. and yeah sumdumguy, i usually don't (do not) put contractions in my papers, so I cought that... amongst other things... thanks for the thumbs up all, lets hope the teacher agrees with you all..

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    I wish either of them could build a processor to match MAC G4.

    Well written paper, bet you got an A on it. I am certain your professor will agree.

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    Well said, young man!
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    i like amds cus they are cheap =D

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