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Thread: Why Pamela Anderson Doesnt Eat Bubblegums?

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    Why Pamela Anderson Doesnt Eat Bubblegums?

    havent seen pamela anderson eat bubblegums .......have you? guess not .....here's why

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    hmmm what is this supposed to be is there supposed to be a link a answer what ?
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    Are you trying to get banned? First of you offended debwalin and then you told her to loosen up after subjecting her to pornography. Then you tell khakisrule you will not get banned for this childish humor, and your thread went suicidal. Do you find this funny? You are halfway down the about to be banned list, and if I didn't already neg you for offensive material I would do it again.

    reason why I am upset with Baker: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=232553

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    bakerjay, grow up. While some might find your humor cute, I do not, and others will agree with me.

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