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Thread: Trojans.....You Aware??

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    Trojans.....You Aware??

    hay people,

    Now here are some facts about trojans that i think everyone of us should know. I wished to write some more but then you know the site rules dont allow , so here it is ,

    A trojan (trojan horse) is program that works for a cracker to crack into your personal computer and also for a "hacker" to "crack" into your computer ( but they say its just a part of TESTING virii and other programs ! ). Believe in them if you are an angel .
    Most of the trojans are RATs that is Remote Administration Tools.Having a trojan on your pc is quite harmless , whats harmful is their execution on your pc.The trojans that i have known are :-

    A RAT trojan runs your comp. as a server (at some port that is ) such that all a hacker/cracker needs to execute functions is to connect to your computer(which is running as a server). A RAT trojan is usually coupled with another program and is therefore triggered automatically with its master program. Once installed the trojan restarts everytime the comp. is turned on.
    Whats more is taht the trojan copies itself to a place on your pc where you probably would never expect it to be ,then manipulating registry and the win.ini file(to restart evertimeyou restart your pc).

    2.FTP Trojans
    A FTP trojan opens the default FTP port (21?..i think so) and runs an FTP server on it,enabling an FTP client to connect and download files/upload files.

    anything you type on the keyboard is going to be typed in some text file also. These i think are the most dangerous trojans that is because you dont detect them with an antivirus.

    A binder can attach a lot of files/executable into one single executable. Crackers could thus attach a game or some other utility and a trojan which can fool victims ....anytime.

    you can be very easily infected if you are an IRC user ....and you dont mind sharing files . It is also possible to be infected through e mails and floppies and cds etc. You can use a portscanner(sps) to see if you are infected or not .

    The only way you can survive is by protection and ofcourse disinfection.Use a firewall and a very good antivirus . I'm using norton and zonealarm . Besides you can also try Lockdown.

    so next time you scan a trojan ....dont panic

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    Something to add to Bakerjay's "paper" on trojans. Adding an anti-trojan suck as "The Cleaner" would make your chances of catching a trojan possibly double than with just an anti-virus and firewall. Another tool you should probably get for anti-keyloggers and such are programs like "Spycop", which help you detect them on your computer (even in your registry).

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