Being in the middle of making the change over to Linux.... or trying to as the case may be, I have been trying to work out how to secure it, at least a bit, before I let it loose on the Net. After reading posts on here I have downloaded myself a copy of Firestarter and Snort, to take care of the firewall/ IDS side of things, just having trouble finding a decent free piece of anti-virus software. The only ones I have managed to locate so far seem to run at the command line, or through scripting only. Being a windoze user most of the time I would much rather have a GUI to look at aswell as having real-time protection rather than having to rely on scheduled scans. Any ideas anybody... before I tear the rest of my hair out? lol

Any other tips on securing the Linux box would be appreciated to, the Linux box is running Mandrake 8.2 on an Intel platform, connected to the nia via a cable modem (USB connection)