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Thread: Does anyone know how to do it

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    Does anyone know how to do it


    I have got a new internet connection on LAN.

    Now these people use some sort of technology that wont allow me to login from another machine.

    I have two PCs and I want to use internet on both of them.

    I asked few people - they say that they check the MAC address of the LAN card as login.

    How do I change the MAC address of LAN card ????

    Does anyone know how to do it ?

    I am using Windows 98 SE.


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    khakisrule - wrote a tutorial on MAC addresses-changing.

    you can find it here -


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    Won't work for 98se though. The only way to permanently change your MAC address is to change your hardware. You would have to change the network adapter.

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    I'm curious to know how he has his LAN set up. PPS111 care to share how you have your lan configured? There may be something there we could help you out with.

    I know with DSL you share your connection through a hub. However with cable you must have a router.

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    if you have a big lan, i wouldnt suggest changing your MAC address. that can get really confusing if you dont document correctly and could lead to serious problems if you add another machine with duplicate MAC addresses. MAC addresses (if i remember correctly) are 48 bits. the first 24 are the unique vendor key and the second 24 are the unique computer key. with this, hopefully there are no duplications, and if there are, they are because the time has passed so far, that the original card has long been outdated. just a suggestion. i know people who change them no numbers that they can remember easily. ( i suppose there is some job security in that )... but i would suggest using a dsl/cable router --> swith/hub --> puters or proxy server --> switch/hub --> puters. gives some decent security and gets the job done.
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    I followed your post to the other thread for changing the MAC address.

    Boy, I wish I had more detail from you, cause I'd like to help.

    From the very limited information that you provided, I would very cautiously recommend ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) - ONLY if you DON'T have a NAT router/hub that you're using to connect to the ISP. If you have a NAT router like Linksys, etc, then the GUI interface via html will allow you to copy the MAC address of that first machine connected.

    ICS is really a last resort, IMHO, cause I've had mixed results. Like: sometimes it works, and sometimes it won't work - I got tired of rebooting the 2 puters until ICS would work. Once it works, then yeah, it's OK.

    Alright, if you don't have a router and won't buy one, then setup ICS (your need TWO NICs on the machine connected to the ISP (DSL, Cable, T1??) Remember the NIC that you have connected to the ISP MUST REMAIN the NIC connected to the ISP.

    This is an excerpt from MS Knowledge Base article Q234815

    You can enable Internet Connection sharing by using the Add/Remove Programs
    tool in Windows 98 Second Edition, or by using the Network Connection wizard
    and Dialup properties in Windows 2000.

    Windows 98 Second Edition:

    1. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then
    double-click Add/Remove Programs.

    2. On the Windows Setup tab, double-click Internet Tools.

    3. Click to select the Internet Connection Sharing check box, and then click

    4. Click OK, and then follow the instructions on the screen to run the
    Internet Connection Sharing wizard.

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    You can purchase a router like d-link DI-704, it has an option for cloning your mac address.

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    I'am agree with Zadock0552 is a better options if u can install a another NIC in your puter and try ICS or you also can try a proxy, nat. it's gonna be cheaper than buy a router!
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    i have an smc barricade. works well for this.

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    Angry Bob,

    I have the 3Com version - yeah i know I got ripped off - but use the Amit firmware. You probably already know that the SMC and 3Com versons have the Amit board in them.


    WARNING!! I f you use the Amit flash, then you can't go back to SMC or 3COM.

    I love the router - great firewall on it, too!

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