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Thread: Auto Sign-On Mistake

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    Auto Sign-On Mistake

    I have to admit, I have a computer savvy brother who to be honest should be on here more than I should. He has a habbit of sitting around reading cookies, and getting me into trouble, and if it wasn't for his immaturity. I would advise him to join your organization, but if you would take a look at some of the recent posts made under my name such as:
    Originally posted here by B4D_S3CT0R
    Joey talk about the fart story from the other thread it was funnier than this cuz this is stupid you know that?

    farting in elevators is funier than this stupid stuff hahahahaha http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=232511
    You could tell it was another person. I'm not asking for points or suggestion everything be removed. I am just asking for you to ignore the previous posts, and let me earn my spot back on AO and become a respected member. Thank you.

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    You need to open up a can of "Whoop A**" on him, before he gets into REAL trouble. Wire your workstation with 20,000 volts and poor water on the floor under the desk.....
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    I really can't help you out here except with a grey box, but I have to be honest. I think this has been the most sensible thread I have seen from someone so close to being banned. Usually they decide to give up and take a thread with them. This is a very mature move on your part. I hope you get a second chance.

    Good Luck!

    by the way: That post was really childish and stupid. Just thought I would share.

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    On the same note, which of you is then running around posting "that is funny" in the humor threads? It doesn't seem have been received with great warmth as I'm sure you have noticed.. An idea for you would be to change your password, log out of this site when you're done here, and then clear your cookies before allowing him access. Should prevent him from getting on her and making an ass out of you.

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    I already was thinking: "Hey, that could be my younger brother." Seriously. I've such a brother of my own, but he doesn't know my computers pasword and I always log of first. Lucky me. He flames everything he can.
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    i was wondering who made all the "thats funny" posts was that you because you didnt seem to say that was your brother if you dont end up getting banned my advice to you is to stop the one line phrase`s in thread`s a lot of people here dont like it .just my 2 cents
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    Just get a new account and disable auto sign-in in Site Options. That ought to fox him. Also, if you're using Win2k/XP, create an account for yourself with a good password.
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    bad, i would make a simple suggestion if you want to get in the green, so to say. you say you dont know a lot about computers, dont post anything for a while, just read and learn. when you have some good questons, that havent been asked already, then ask them. then you will be seen as someone who wants to learn.
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    Well, in a sense reading would be good. But also take part in the community. I think posting and reading are a better way to get in touch with the forum and to learn more efficiently. And yes that was mature of you.

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