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Thread: Flash -distributive vs. angular

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    Flash -distributive vs. angular

    I am working with Flash, specifically with shape tweening and I was wondering if anyone had a good definition or explanation of Distributive Shape tweening vs Angular Shape tweening. I took a brief look around Macromedia's site and didn't see anything about it or in the help files in the program and I don't have the $l00t to buy a book.

    I've noticed that angular seems to work better with more complex images but when I create something simple to see the difference I can see a difference but am not sure what that difference is. I'd like to know in what situation you'd use one versus the other.

    If anyone can point me to any info or give me a crumb of knowledge I'd be most thankful.


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    Distributive tweening is going to give you a smoother appearance in your objects, where as angular works better to preserve the edges in objects, and should be used for shapes with definitive edges and lines. It's really all about personal preference and what looks better for you.

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