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Thread: Quantum Crypto in our future....

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    Quantum Crypto in our future....

    It seems that there are potentially some great movements in the crypto world at hand. Seems they are working at Quantum Cryptography..
    View there article here.

    The range possibilities, positive and negative are pretty wide..

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    Quantum Crypto seems to be what we're looking for in Private Key cryptography. A way to give your private key to another person in a way so that nobody knows any of it. It might be better than some public key systems, where a great deal of math on what you do have is needed to decrypt, but nothing seems to be stopping you from doing a great deal of math to brute-force a Quantum key either. Not only that, but what stops you from continually listening. If you have to wait until you know that nobody knows about it, and there are a few thousand people that may be 'listening' at a time, then you might just end up sending up millions of keys, trying your best to make sure that nobody 'hears' it... But what consititutes hearing the key? Intercepting it? If so, then forwarding it, like amplifying it for great distances or what not, is considered hearing the key... Although that stuff could be worked out, it could be a hole in it in the future... But then again, what do I know... I'm just thinking up anything I can...


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