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    Question Anim-Fx / Dreamweaver

    Can someone tell me the easiest way to get the Anim-FX files into DreamweaverMX and see the effects.....Thanks Ravenclan

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    Have you checked the documentation for both programs? They should give you some insight. If you still can't get it to work, contact the makers of Anim-FX and/or DreamweaverMX and ask them what to do. In my experience, Macromedia's support is absolutely terrific, though you also have to prove that the software is purchased. If it's not, you're basically S.O.L., not to mention illegally pirating software... but I digress. You should be able to figure it out through the DreamweaverMX and Anim-FX documentation. Otherwise, you can always search google.


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    Anim-FX / Dreamweaver

    Thanks for your responce...But I finally figured it out...The animated font in FX .swf file just needed to be imported as a flash movie and all is working well...I will never get all this stuff right, at least not in the first 100 trys... Thanks very much...Raven

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    hmm. convert it into a flash file, and then insert into document =)
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