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Thread: Flash and Search Engines

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    Flash and Search Engines

    If you use flash on your pages, especially your index or gateway, you may have noticed difficulty in meeting all the criteria the search engine spiders use to place your pages. Ever hear about the "z-axis"? I never did until today. You can find the article here:

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    The only thing bad about it, is that it's only optimized for IE 4 or greater, where as, last time I read, more than 90% of internet users were able to see flash, no matter what browser they were using, because it's more widely accepted. I understand the need to be accessible in search engines, but at the same time, if it risks losing your potential customers due to the z-axis layout and the inability of browsers to process the information, the whole indexing in the search engine is ultimately defeated. The goal of the WC3 is to get rid of tables and implement CSS2 as the standard, yet if the browsers out there aren't supportive of the features that CSS2 has to offer, then what the hell?

    Great article!

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    i agree with GG, although ive heard good things/bad things all the same.

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    Just a though !

    Can't we just use the META names or adding a fake javascript code that as all the text we need as comments // or even HTML comments .

    Are those catch by search engines ? If so, you're in business .

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    I just used the meta tags, like DBEAUCHAMP said. It works fine with me.
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    I just noticed that now that you mention it
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