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Thread: I came back again.

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    I came back again.

    Hello guys after so many YEARS i see that you almost get to 100.000 users, well done JP. Oh, what happened with you JP did you pay with the help of many users of your site? Well on exams i got good marks all the subjects weren't under 16 and i had only one 20 on Computer (i don't know how its translates). The forum ,as a wise guy said ,Alcatraz, it gets day to day more complicated.

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    Nice to have you back ii-monk
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    Welcome back ii-monk.
    Listen closely to your enemies. They tell you your faults.

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    welcome back, nice to meet you. I think i've read a few of your posts. glad to have you back.
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    Welcome back to AntiOnline, ii-monk.

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    Thank you

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    howdy, i look forward to seeing your posts.

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