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Thread: when do you call it a crash?

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    when do you call it a crash?

    NEW YORK, July 19 -- Stocks plunged today, dragging the Dow Jones industrial average to its lowest level in nearly four years

    Is it 1929 again? Are we all going to be huddled around a fire
    down at the railroad yard, hoping to jump on a freight train?
    Stay tuned.

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    I wouldn't be surprizes if someone will try and corner the market.

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    You call it a crash when it reaches a certain point. I can't remember where it is it has to reach, but we learned it in govt. econ. There's regular, decline, depression, crash. In that order, I believe.

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    I would call it a crash when the bank rushes begin and the banks close down. Thats the signal IMO of a true crash.

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    It depends on your point of view....it could be a crash, but it could also be a unique investing opportunity. I'm hoping to see stabilization in the short term, then a return to a moderate to healthy growth rate for the long term. Here's hoping nobody has anymore accounting bombs to drop on our heads.
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