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Thread: My dad eats lightbulbs

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    My dad eats lightbulbs - little Johnnie

    WARNING: Little Johnnie joke, could be construed as tasteless

    The teacher told her class that today they would be studying 'dangerous occupations' and asked the children if any of their parents had dangerous jobs. Several hands went up, and the teacher called on Suzie first.
    "Suzie, does your father have a dangerous job?" she asked.
    "Yes" Suzie replied, "He's a policeman and has to wear a bullet proof vest to work"
    "Why yes" agrees the teacher, "That certainly is a dangerous job. He could get shot or injured in an accident."
    She then notices that both Steven and Johnnie have their hands up also.
    "Steven, what does your father do?"
    "My dad is a fireman. He goes into burning buildings to rescue people and put out the fire."
    "Well that certainly is very dangerous work, and your father must be a very brave man."
    The teacher realizes that Johnnie still has his hand up, and utters a silent prayer as she calls on him.
    "Johnnie, does your father have a dangerous job?" she asks.
    "Well, I'm not sure it's his job, but my dad eats lightbulbs." he answers.
    "Johnnie, no one can eat lightbulbs and live...have you actually seen him eat a lightbulb?"
    "No" came the reply, "But I did hear him and mom in the bedroom, and he told her that if she'd turn off that light, he'd eat it!"
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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