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Thread: how to get rid of linux?

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    how to get rid of linux?

    does anyone know how to get rid of linux
    OS? I wanna try formatting my computer
    and change it back to windows.

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    Yah, the only way to get rid of it is to put OpenBSD on it
    I toor\'d YOU!

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    Reboot you PC with windows startup disk in. At command prompt type "fdisk /mbr" this will overwrite your lilio (or grub) boot record with windows boot record. Then just format linux partitions with Partition Magic ar another partitioning program to same format as your windows partitions and join all partitions into one. Easy huh?
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    .... going back to the darkside ..... only kidding - I have a foot firmly planted in both camps here.

    You will, as uid says, find the fdisk utility quite handy and have Windows back on in no time.

    Linux is not for everyone and at the end of the day a computer is a tool by which you get things done, and if you are more comfortable working with Windows, stick with it. As with any OS, make it as secure as you possibly can.

    If you ever decide to return to Linux in the future I am sure people in this community will help you where we can.

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