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    Hey, in the spirit of 100,000+ members on AntiOnline, we all know it has come a long way into helping others better secure their boxes and for people like us to have a sense of community. From the very beginnings, JP wanted just that. So, I took the liberty of going to and typed and I am going to highlight some good pages for you.

    Happy time travel! (please note: page load times CAN be slow...)

    July 11, 1997:
    Dec 1, 1998:
    Jan 25, 1999:
    Apr. 17, 1999:
    Oct. 6, 1999:
    June 4, 2000:

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    hey that cool alittlebitnumb thanks for the links man nice find not long till the 100,000 member now w00t
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    hmmm.. that is some interesting reading.. even had the mailbag back then..

    and in that third link, I see that JP was going to (did it happen, I don't know) offer
    these services.. This domain, being run by part time staff member Ryan Graciano, will take AntiOnline's popular I/O zine to an even higher level. Unlike, IOMagazine will be geared towards the more technical user, with weekly tutorials, source code, and more. A staff of 10 freelance writers will be contributing to this site. This will be AntiOnline's virtual store front. It will allow users to have a one-stop-shop for computer security related products, as well as hacker memorabilia. This will also be the only place to purchase LocalSecure, a one of a kind security auditing product to be released soon by NSS Ltd. This site will allow users to submit a question about security related issues, and have it answered immediately by an artificial intelligence back end. It will be like having a technical support specialist available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only will this service be provided free of charge, but you won't be placed on hold for 45 minutes waiting for the next available representative! AntiOnline started on a 5 meg shell account given to its founder free of charge by a friend. Now, AntiOnline will become the friend of hundreds of individuals as it provides people a place to turn their good ideas into realities, without having to worry about a monthly fee. It is not the goal of to become yet another Geocities like venture, but rather a place where people with initiative are given the resources and support that they need to get started.
    I would of like to have seen the become a reality

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    this has made me look back to see just when i found AO........ damn its been a while........ im thinking that some of the '99s look familiar...... damn its been a long time, i only wish i were an active member sooner

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    That would be neat to have the AskBub and everything. Cool archives man!

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