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Thread: Linux (screen resolution?) problem.

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    Question Linux (screen resolution?) problem.

    I just installed RedHat 6.2 with the KDE desktop on a 1995 Pentium 100
    with a 14 inches monitor. It deteted the hardware all by itself, but
    now when I try to open the most of the programs (GIMP, for example)
    their windows go outside the desktop so that I actually can't use
    them. I tried to find a place where I could change the resolution (I
    think that it's a low-resolution problem), but almost any control
    panel had the same problem and I could neither find nor use any panel
    where I could eliminate my problem. Does anyone know how can I fix
    this problem? Maybe with a consolle application.

    Thanks in advance.


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    You should be able to run Xconfigurator, or xf86config
    from the command line. It will take you through the
    configuration of your video card and monitor.

    It's best if you have docs on your hardware and
    know for certain what horizontal and vertical
    frequencies the monitor can do, etc etc.

    With older hardware it may take some time playing with
    the possibilities in order to get a decent screen resolution.
    800x600 is barely adequate. I find it's a pain unless you can
    run 1024x768. Otherwise, as you say, the windows are too big.
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    How bad is it? Would it be possible to just use the horizontal/vertical alignment options on your monitor?


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    If you are running Gnome and have a mouse with wheel-button you can press ALT+mousewheel and resize windows by moving your mouse.
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    like rcgreen said it is a problem with your video card configuration for sure, i had the same symptoms, and problem setting up my redhat.
    try typing 'setup' at the command line. more than likely your video card is not detected, or supported.
    you really should post what type of video card you have too.
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