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Thread: AO-What a newbie has learned so far

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    Cool AO-What a newbie has learned so far

    Reading through AO FAQ's, some tutorials and general senior member comments, what stands out is that they know what their talking about.

    A shining example, for me, is the power of Google. I've used Google for a long time for overall Web searching, site finding and general exploration.

    What I did not know (and learned at AO) was that I could literally type in an error code from my NT server and Google would take me right to the MS KB where it was discussed!! The same held true for a service that wasn't starting! Had no idea what the service did and, granted, it wasn't effecting my day to day, but still! I got an answer and a fix with just two lookups! It wasn't a packaged NT service either. It was a service directly tied to my HP LH3. Google took me to a technical forum hosted by Hewlett-Packard!!

    Anyway, my point is, from one newbie to another.... take the time to look it up. The power to find your own answers really is there and it might not take that long at all


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    Damned...?!! Learning neat new things is so much fun, isn't...!! The only problem is...sometimes we just want to go out and try it with everything we can think of, and forget to feed the dog. Hmmm....maybe Google can help me with that too...?!!

    Enjoyed your post.
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    okay, once again...another fact is proven.

    you learn something new, everyday.
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