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    My Story

    This will be the story of mah life for the past 6 months and how it has changed. I am glad that i finally got through my crap, and i figured that this would be entertaining for some of you.

    In November 2000, i began chewing tobacco. My life was completely different after then. All i wanted to do was dip, and nothing else. My friends that i surrounded myself with all did it. My whole life was predicated upon getting that next can for an entire year. I didnt pay attention in school anymore, i started getting b's and c's for once in my life, and i wasnt caring. About a year later, december 2001, i decided that it was enough. I couldnt take the **** anymore. I was tired of ruining my life over something artificial and unhealthy. I was then 15 years of age. I didnt touch tobacco or alchohol until march 2002. My school was hosting a trip to London, England, for a week. I went there and was the only freshman, the other 10 ppl were seniors at the time. So naturally, them being 18 wanted to buy alcohol, and me being the youngest of the group followed like a moron. Then, i realized that i could buy tobacco products there as easy as pie. they dont card you if you look over 10, and i was smoking and drinking up a storm. I came home thinking "hey, ill quit the tobacco again, its easy, ive done it before right" I thought wrong. Over the next few months i began smoking more and more. First 2-3 a day for a few weeks. Then i moved onto 5-6 a day. I was thinking, no problem, ill quit. again i thought wrong. For the next few months i gradually increased to 10-12 a day. Up to this day i have been smoking 10-12 cigarettes everyday. That is 10-12 times what i should have ever smoked in my entire life, all in one day, everyday. Today, i did it once and for all. I woke up, smoked as usual. About an hour later, went back in, smoked again. Repeated an hour later. Then, i started coughing. I had never had the taste i was having then before. It tasted like charcoal. It was disgusting and freaked me out. I was hacking up mucus like a cat with a hairball. Right then and there i threw away two whole packs (40 cigarettes down the toilet) disposed of my lighters. And yelled at myself that it was enough. Now i am sitting here writing this post maybe for support, maybe for me just venting. Today, I quit tobacco for good.


    Look at the difference - http://www.becomesmokefree.com/quit_smoking_pics.html

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    ...but technology is the most addictive and strongest money reducing agent known to man.
    really i don't want to buy it...but its four times faster...FOUR TIMES i tells ya...*drool*.../slobber\......and it comes in three different shades of black.
    Hmm...theres something a little peculiar here. Oh i see what it is! the sentence is talking about itself! do you see that? what do you mean? sentences can\'t talk! No, but they REFER to things, and this one refers directly-unambigeously-unmistakably-to the very sentence which it is!

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    i find this post to help young ones, much like kids around here.. that don't know wut to do.

    i support this topic greatly. great post man, and congratulations on your quiting. I'm proud.

    i haven't drank or smoked as baddly as you do.. but i have a few times, and i yell at myself for committing to it.

    i hope other people feel the same way as i do. And this topic might help many, and push many into the right direction so that they don't do the same mistake as you did. congratulations, agin.
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