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    I was surprised on how freeOn was on the top spot for some time.

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    Why did you force your username to the top of the list? To prove a point?
    Nononono! I didn't put my name there at all. Please understand that. I think somebody just had too much time on their hands, and found one of the many ways to get a name on top of that list. It is unfortunate.

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    Originally posted here by sumdumguy
    imho, that section of "most viewed profile" should just be removed.. then no one would care.
    This is the best suggestion I've heard yet. Honestly, there's no real need to see who's profiles have been viewed most. I agree with SumDumGuy that just removing that Top-10 would eliminate the problem completely. Then it would no longer matter who had 10 views or who had 23,000.


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    I concur. Either protect the system, or remove that list, because it is too easy to abuse. Things like tutorials, are different, if somebody posts 100 threads in tutorials, he or she will get banned, and most likely have their name taken out of the list, but with most viewed, somebody with a lot of time can change everything.

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