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    Post That Virus Thing

    First of all ,Thanks for missing me .Now here's a post on viruses/virii

    VIRUS......... stands for Virus [edit: Vital] Information Resources Under Seize
    A typical virus takes control of the OS and when the infected sys. comes in contact with another ,the virus passes on .

    the very first commercial application of viruses was floated in '85 when two pakistani bros.introduced the brain virus to keep track of software piracy of some software they used to sell at Lahore.

    Types of viruses/virii

    >Boot sector virus

    >file virus

    >logic bombs

    >time bombs


    The boot sector virus

    resides in the boot sector(0th sector of 0th trackof the disk where your system files reside ).they will enter through an infected disk while booting and then damage directory structures , fat , and the hard disk partition table .Ever heard of marijuna??

    File virus

    this will attach itself to .com ,.exe,.sysoe ovl files . thereby changing host file commands and increse the file size during each operation untill you get "Program too big to fit in memory" lol .
    they may also change dos fxns. Just imagine you write a copy thing and the dos will delete something . raindrops? happy birthday 30th?


    this is an independent program threads through comp. memory and n/w , altering data records and programs .And guess what you cant award negs to get it banned
    whorms have been known to damage and infect entire LANs. they will occupy hosts memory and slow down the system , the affected program still continues runin' with potentially very dangerous effects .

    logic and time bombs

    are modifications made to some existing program generally by malicious employees and are activated or exploded by some particular conditions .
    malfunction the program .


    i posted one on trojans earlier .

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    2 things. 1. You punjabi?
    2. Please delete this and make a new login name for yourself. I know you think people will give you another chance right off that bat, but others will think you didn't earn it, and will ban you once more. The only way to get back into the community, methinks, is to come back under a different name and build a reputation for yourself. Then, perhaps, you can reveal yourself. But please delete this post. I doubt you will get any positives for it.

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    first .. multani .

    second .. A journey you have started already , you cant restart it . I started it right just that i had fallen somewhere and guy a like me gets up ...i dont die man thats why i survive most odds ...cant say nothing about this one though

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    VIRUS: VITAL Information Resources Under Seige.

    I thought that souded weird when i read it, so im going to correct you. it may have been a typo, but never use the word you are defining in the definition. kind of like the picture in a picture in a picture, it never ends.
    just like water off a duck\'s back... I AM HERE.

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    oh yes thank you very much . I was wrong . And by the way what you wanted to say was "sounded" .
    Everybody makes mistakes

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