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Thread: Rollup TV's

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    Rollup TV's

    Hey all I found this article pretty interesting. I have a flexible keyboard and thought that these would also be kinda cool. Floppy TV's. You can roll them up and carry them with you.

    Read the article here
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    There is also a new globe shaped screen which displays 3D halographic images but the price on those are much higher I think.

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    brilliant. this is why is love living in this day and age. so much discovery, so quickly.

    just think. since the birth of the computer, the Atanasoff-Berry Computer in 1937 to the first computer bug in 1947 (if you never knew how that got started: http://www.lewhill.com/firstcomputerbug.html) to little monitors that will fit over your eye to ocular-directed mouse controls, we have seen advances that noone would ever have expected to see.

    with the help of computers, biological advancements have skyrocketed, with the human genome project, cloning and disease control. buttons everywhere! (i like that part) not to mention that life has been freed up by time-saving devices each with their own little computer chip or memory bank. and with so much time freed up, people have more time for leisure (whats that?), learning and time for even more advancements in technology.

    i was thinking the other day about how during ages of enlightenment, the masses have more time for creation and artistic expression. lately, i have been seeing some beautiful pieces of technology emerge as the medium for some even more beautiful pieces of art, via website design, animation, graphics, etc. we are living in a truly enlightened time.

    …and yet we still dont have flying rocket cars
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