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Thread: Deleting/editing messages

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    Deleting/editing messages

    I am having bad problems with after pressing either the delete button or the save changes button, after a long time, the browser comes back and says that the server returned incomplete headers.

    With the delete one, I had the very bad problem, of that after trying this four or five times (and it not working until the last one), apparently it kept decrementing the number of posts I had everytime I clicked on it...went from 145 posts to 140 posts...

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    I believe I have experienced the same problem. I was a Jr. and the next day I was a newbie missing 20 posts. I wasn't sure what I did, so I couldn't phrase it in a question, but now that you mentioned it. I had a hard time deleting a post that was requested to delete...

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    I also have problem with deleting too, when I check the "delete" option and submitting, the page doesn't show the deletion confirmation or something like that and I remain in the "edit" page, although my post is deleted.

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    I have had this problem as well, I attribute it as a database glitch, If I just close the explorer window, and reopen it at the home page it, ( so far ) has been correct after I re-view it.

    I am using M$ IE....
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