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Thread: What is going on here???

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    Angry What is going on here???

    What has this country come to when the US Civil Rights Commissioner Peter Kirsanov tells a commission that should there be more terrorist attacks on the US, "and they come from the same ethnic group that attacked the World Trade Center, you can forget about civil rights."
    What kind of civil rights commissioner is he? He also goes on to say, "not too many people will be crying in their beer if there are more detentions, more stops, more profiling, there will be a groundswell of public opinion to banish civil rights ."

    And then Mr. Tom Ridge(of dubious intelligence) "says the threat of terrorism may force government planners to consider using the military for domestic law enforcement, now largely prohibited by federal law. "

    We're talking about Martial Law here, not some mickey mouse operation! The Govt can try and sugarcoat it all they want but that's what it will be in the end. And frankly I'm saddened at the lack of interest the public is taking in all of this. Where does it end...?

    "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin, 1759.
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    All of this is scary stuff, are they talking re-location camps? Holding people as they are now in federal dention centers with no access to legal help. I think we are going down the wrong road here and under security for the country things are being done that take away rights. I did not feel unsafe now I do, not against terrorist but or own goverment.
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    Well I guess terrorism won. The whole point of terrorism is to spread terror and the sure as hell did that. If we give up our rights as citizens and as human beings what then have we done with ourselves. This is a free country where we have the libertys that some people don't have in there countrys. If they start taking our rights away then we are no longer citizens of this country just slaves and pawns for a government that wants to think not for ourselves but they way they want us to. I dont know about you guys but im really starting to question the policy we have against terrorism. If they want to stop terrorism, which i endorse wholehartedly, let them. If it interferes with my basic civil rights than they are no better than the ones who are attackin us.

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    I think you will find, when there is a real war, places where
    battles occur are obviously under "martial law". If opposing armies
    are ranged on the battlefield, each army has complete governmental
    control of the space it occupies. So if the US army was fighting an
    invading army in your home town, yes, there would be martial law
    and there would be no civil liberties in the war zone.

    This much is historically established, and to be assumed. The thing is,
    that there has been no war fought on US soil since the 1860s, and no
    one knows what would happen if one was fought here today.

    The real problem is the promiscuous use of the word war to
    describe everything from war on poverty to war on terrorism
    IMO, martial law isn't lawful unless congress has lawfully
    declared war, and then only if you can argue plausibly that the
    entire nation has become a battlefield.

    Not very likely, but two or three more attacks on the same scale as
    the World Trade Center, and as they say, attitudes could turn ugly.
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    They want this man removed from his job for stating facts. He wasn't advocating these things, just stating what we all already know. That is if people are in fear for their life, logic and reason go out the window.

    Should not the people in charge of protecting our rights be aware of what could happen. or should it happen and these heads of departments be totally surprised? Or is it that the ADC thinks that not to name something is not to call it. That thinking didn't help the American Indians much. These things NEED to be discussed in the light of day, before they jump out of the dark and grab us. Don't think that there not being discussed now, amoung certain citizens groups, and talk like that, comming from the ADC, will not help the cause of arab-americans.
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