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Thread: 23,000 Views?

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    I just signed on this afternoon, and noticed I have over 23,000 views to my profile???? I don't want to get accused of anything....... but the last time I was signed on was Last Online: Today at 02:37 AM... ????

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    Seems to me you complained about a tired finger http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=232674 and now know nothing of it? Ony other way is that your password is known by another here.
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    a tired finger ? i never saw that.. where was that mentioned on irc ?

    anyway, it's not a bug per-se.. it more of an exploit.. I see no need to have started this thread.. I'm sure JP is aware of what's going on..

    imho, that section of "most viewed profile" should just be removed.. then no one would care.

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    I'm in agreement with sumdumguy. It seems to me that the Most viewed profiles section makes it a popularity contest of sorts. Does it really matter if your profile has been viewed at all? I don't really think so.
    /sarcasm HOWEVER it does seem to give some goobers something to do with their time instead of wasting space w/ lame posts.
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