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    USB Question

    Okay... My professor is gunna give me 10 extra points if I can figure this one out. I've looked around and now I'm resorting to posting.

    Is there anyway to create a bootup disk that will enable a usb connection to a usb harddrive?

    My teacher wants to use a USB hard drive as a ghost drive. The only problem is that its USB. I guess I need to figure out how the USB's are loaded. Any help would be cool. I'm going to continue my search though.

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    Re: USB Question

    Originally posted How to choose a type of boot disk or boot image by Symantec
    USB Boot Disk
    This disk allows you to start the client computer from a floppy disk, and then clone between two computers that are connected by a USB cable. This disk contains the DOS system files, Ghost files, and files necessary for accessing the USB controller. When you start a computer with this disk, the computer loads DOS system files, USB controller drivers, Ghost files, and then starts Ghost. See the document Ghost compatibility with USB cables.

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    Check your BIOS settings. I know many recent BIOS's allow you to boot from an external USB source (such as an exernal CD-ROM drive, hard drive or even USB Zip drive).


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    avdven has this one..... update your bios to the latest revision...... most of them allow for usb booting
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    Re: USB Question

    Originally posted here by xmaddness
    Is there anyway to create a bootup disk that will enable a usb connection to a usb harddrive?
    Yes, I would go with the BIOS. I just thought you were looking for a boot disk in specific. If that is the case. The link above will give you specific directions.

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    xmaddness let us know if you get the Extra Credit... Do you get 20 points for offering two different methods?

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