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Thread: I need to learn scripts

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    I need to learn scripts

    I need to learn how to program scripts. Considering i don't know programing where is a good place to start??????? Also what kind of script languages do you use and what kind of program do you need to learn how to write scripts. Im walking blindly here


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    Ok. What kind of scripts and for what platform? What I mean is, there are a lot of scripting languages out there. There is JavaScript, VisualBasicScript, BASH Script, PHP, PERL, and the list goes on and on...

    What do you want to accomplish here? For instance: if you wanna make dynaimic web pages, you might want to consider Active Server Pages written in JavaScript or VisualBasicScript. Or, you might wanna try PHP or PERL. It's a vast subject....

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    I gotta make scripts in SQL and Microsoft Access. Gotta set some filters to extract data from a certain date and on and on.

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    Oh ok, go to www.asp101.com. It's great

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    ASP is a great script language to learn. I'd also recommend php and cgi.

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