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Thread: Dave Barry on Manuals

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    Dave Barry on Manuals

    There is nothing I like more from the Sunday paper than the commentary from Dave Barry. He had a great one on the internet, though I could not find that one online. I did however find this one on manuals highly amusing.

    Check it out here.

    There are some bits of logic that really seem to ring true with this..

    With more looking about I found the commentary I found most amusing. It pertains to password changes and the content of a site whose name somehow closeley resembles the name Elmo. Check it out here.
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    If you like Dave Barry's columns, check out his web site (www.davebarry.com). If you want to read his columns, you can click on the link on the left. His "FAQ for Students" is pretty funny for people still in school and recent graduates (doesn't matter which level). I think Dave Barry's pretty funny, but I especially like that a lot of the things he talks about are very true, and many people can relate to him and his predicaments.


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    I love Dave Berry he is alway fun in what he writes. Thanks for the link
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