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Thread: Nissan V Toyota

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    Nissan V Toyota

    I will be getting a new car in 7 days for my 16th birthday. I am getting a nissan altima 2.5 175 hp yada yada. I also know that there has been controversy in the past about arguments whether nissan or toyota made better vehicles. well, technology is technology, what do you all think. Who is better, Nissan or Toyota. I will post a poll..

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    The Iceman Cometh
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    Aug 2001
    I'm personally not a huge fan of either manufacturer, but I have been in both, and I prefer Nissan's over Toyotas. They body style's nicer (in my opinion) and if "trained" properly, will outperform a Toyota (of similar make of course...). If I were to get an import (which wasn't a sports car), I'd personally go with Honda just because I've had very good experience with Accord. I think getting a Nissan's the way to go if it's a toss-up between the two.


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    Aug 2001
    what about chevy's
    Alternate realities celebrate reality. If you cant handle the reality your in, then you wont be able to handle the one your attempting to escape to.

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    I had Toyotas and Nissans (and a Datsun truck even ), and I likes the Nissan better. I drove a Nissan "hardbody" truck that lasted until it got reposessed 4.5 years later, and it never had one problem. God, I miss that truck especially when I have a crappy Ford Contour that has 130,000 miles with a transmission that's shot and a bad TPS... I spent thousands trying to get the damn thing fixed

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    well, as far as i am concerned, i doesnt make a real big difference which one you pick, all parts come from the same factory, both get around the same amount gas mileage, body styles are similar to one point or another. it all just depends on what ur looking for i guess. Personally i like toyota *plz forgive me grampa, fanatical patriot* they seem to last quite long, and if you can find a nice one, that isn't beat on, are not too expensive and are just all around a better car in my opinion.

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    What I can't believe is that you're getting a f@#king car....I don't know if I'm jealous or if I hate American culture even more.....

    "Do well @ school, sonny, we'll buy you the "f@#king world......." Bah!

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    Sep 2001
    hehe i agree again with you confirmed hehe great minds think alike hehe something like that
    nissan have the skyline and the 200sx so nissan wins hands down
    what sports car does a toyota have bar the supra ??

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    "Daddy has done very well on the farm this year, sonny. Lets all thank Mr Bush and his farm subsidies. What car would you like? Perhaps we could buy you a girl from 3rd world country for your 17th birthday......."

    It makes me sick......Oh well, perhaps I'm just suffering from "sour grapes"..........

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    May 2002
    LOL - the boys from Oz strike again

    You have to give him a bit of leeway, he is young, having a birthday, excitable and about to get a car

    When he get older he will find the best car is the one that starts every morning, doesn't chew through the fuel and gets you to where you want to go .... and the one he will respect the most will be the one he pays for with his own hard earned cash !!

    Enjoy your birthday er0k and drive carefully.

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    Well id have to go for the Nissan.

    I've driven both Toyotas and Nissans and im quite happy with my Nissan Skyline Ive wanted one for years ever since i saw one on "TOP GEAR"


    {will learn to spell when finished paying for the car... }

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