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Thread: Virus Dials 911

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    This post may be a little off topic.

    Honestly, making a virus like that wouldn't be all that difficult. I'm curious, however, how the creator got the information necessary about WebTV/MSNTV in order to only affect that machine. As far as I know, it's not all that easy to write a program or a script that will affect the WebTV, since it's a pretty proprietary operating system. Nice find, though!
    I had a webtv for 3 years and I still own one and the fact is there are alot of hackers(if thats what you choose too call them) to dedicated to ripping apart the WebTV box and the WebTV network itself. Alot of cool stuff has been uncovered and its really not that hard. However since I did not do much exploring of the webtv myself I can not give you a direct answers. But if you would like alot of information on webtv hacking look for a site called UlTRICK, or ULTRIX. A person ultrax@webtv.net had a large site full of information on webtv hacking. However alot of it was not aviable to the public. Even still there was alot of information there.(it seems this site is down)

    You can look for that site on google if you wish... I'm not sure if you'll find it. also I am contacting some of my webtv friends to see if any of them have the site saved. Here's another good one though of another webtv hacker if your interested.


    There was also a private newsgroup just for webtv hackers. They at one point discovered how to access these WEBTV private newsgroups some how with a computer(its probably still possible) however I am not sure how. Anyways the newsgroup was alt.discuss.webtv.hacking

    Its really easy to make a webtv dial 911, though... REAL easy.

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    I just wonder whether virus creators are really doing these nasty things for fun??
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    Well that is some interesting stuff there but I still think that is a smart virus, I never thought of that before! Viruses are getting more smarter each day like prodikal said he is right!
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    Maybe the creator of the viruses are the ones getting smarter.

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    just like to expand on what gurl said...

    that makes a long-distance call to Greece.
    i read about this scam a few years ago...there was a bit of code on some websites...generally pr0n sites which either convinced you to install it (special pr0n access authentication or some such thing..) or did it silently (this was before code signing etc...)...once the code was installed it would mess with your dialup, silence the speaker so you couldn't hear a dial tone and then phone some 900 number with some outrageous /minute charge in the middle of the night so it wouldnt disrupt regular phone use...you didn't find out about it until the phone bill came...and some had 1000's of $ of charges...

    haven't heard of it recently...but still something to be aware of...
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    a quick bit of reasearch later ....

    OK there's an old(ish) batch file virus that attempts to dial 911. read all about both variants below.




    All hail Sophos AV for the links above. (No I don't work for them in any way shape of form)

    Sophos seemed not to have a mention of a webTV variant, but this doesn't mean there isn't one.

    ohh i forgot, and here's an example of a Virus (or Trojan) that dials a premium rate


    And next time I post on the subject of Viruses i'll use a differant AV company, sound fair?


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