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Thread: How to protect your computer from that pesky old NetBIOS exploit

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    How to protect your computer from that pesky old NetBIOS exploit

    Well, a lot of people I know were susceptable (sp?) to this exploit, so I decided to write a tutorial so people wouldn't accidentally make themselves susceptable (sp?) to it.

    I think this only applies to Win95/98 boxes, but I'm not sure.

    First, go to Start>Settings>Control Panel

    Go into "Network"

    When the Network window opens, click the "File and Print Sharing" button towards the middle.

    Uncheck "I want to be able to give others access to my Files" and "I want to be able to allow others print to my Printers".
    If they are already unchecked, then leave them unchecked.

    Click "OK" then "OK"

    It will say "Please wait while windows builds a driver information database". Wait for it to finish (it will only take a few seconds)

    Exit the control panel.

    Restart your computer to make sure it worked.

    If you absolutely need to have that enabled, or if you don't already have one, get a firewall. Go to download.com and search for "firewall" there's a truckload of them available for download.

    I recommend
    Syagte Personal Firewall
    Zonelabs' Zone Alarm
    Tiny Personal Firewall
    Agnitum Outpost Firewall
    (not in any order)

    If you get ZoneAlarm, set the Internet Security to it's highest setting and Local traffic to "Medium" or "Low", depending on the level of security you want.

    I hope this helps ,

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    A bit obvious and probably on the site somewhere else, but it's the thought that helps TY
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    I don't care for Zone Alarm, but hey, thats beside the point. My real point is that if you have to enable it, make sure you require a password also. That is always helpful.
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    That does work to disable the exploit, but the unforunate part is that it still leaves port 139 open. At least on win95 machines it does, the fix for that, is to get an updated .vxd file, or to get a firewall.

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    and in a password use both upper and lower case. numbers and symbols and it will make u r password harder to crack and if you`r using agnitum make sure it`s updated to just my 2 cents
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    Anyone running Windows 95 needs shot or a medal.

    If anyone is worried about security on MS/OS - Then goto the windows update site http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/ it will help you apply fixes to a few of the large number of bugs this OS has - The link is mainly for modern MS/OS's should work on Win95 (I am not certain though so don't get annoyed if I am wrong)

    A good site to check if your ports are open www.grc.com - good for basic secuirty tests

    This info is for newbies only - Cos I know all the advanced people here have sense and use a non ms system - even though I like W2K - Yes I know this is kindergarden stuff but hey it might help someone

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    Another way to make sharing secure is to use Netbeui along with TCP/IP. Just make sure that file and printer sharing is NOT Bound to TCP/IP, but is bound to Netbeui. This will stop the sharing from going out to the internet as netbeui is a non routable protocol.
    (look for the binding tabs, its there somewhere) Id give you a little more indepth instruction if I had a 95/98/Me box here, but I dont anymore, so youll have to do a LITTLE work.

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