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Thread: Host.tk?!!!

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    Hi everybody! Is anybody here from Netherlands? Does anybody know of this hosting: host.tk(it's acually easyhosting.nl) And can anybody help me with the language?!!! I've created an account, but the rest looks like a hard task, and the only way I see is learning the language, which may take like years, so can anybody help me with the tech support there?

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    Do you mean host.sk?

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    Um, .tk tokelau, or something similar to that. You probably do mean .sk, and I don't know anything about them, but I know there are dutch-english dictionaries online, I've only seen them once, so try a search and see what that yields.

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    The .tk domain is from the island of Tokelau...so perhaps you are referring to host.sk, like ac1dsp3ctrum mentioned above?

    EDIT: By the way, if you are in fact referring to host.sk...you can register a new account by following this link: http://www.host.sk/registracia/

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    I grew up around parents who spoke Dutch so if you PM me with what you need, I can probably help you. Granted, I haven't actually spoken Dutch in quite some time, but I still understand it fluently (whenever I visit my parents or I invite them over for dinner, they still speak Dutch quite a bit) and I should be able to help you figure most of it out.

    Also note, there are plenty of members on AO who are infact, residing within the Netherlands. If you had named the thread a little more intuitively, you may have already found one by now. But I digress. Anyway, PM me with what you need translated, and I'll piece together what I can for ya.


    EDIT: If you're talking about host.sk, I'm not going to be able to help you. I checked out the site and it's definately not Dutch (though host.tk is... so I'm assuming you're talking about that).

    To everyone who responded about .tk not being Dutch, instead being hosted from the island of Tokelau... any chance it's a Dutch providence? Otherwise, I guess they must have outsourced their management to a Dutch organization.

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    CIA World Factbook
    Originally settled by Polynesian emigrants from surrounding island groups, the Tokelau Islands were made a British protectorate in 1889. They were transferred to New Zealand administration in 1925. According to a UN report, these low- lying islands will disappear in the 21st century, if global warming continues to raise sea levels.
    Tokelau has been given out free domains for quite a few now. It's basically just a redirection service. More info on dot.tk . The domainname you register (it's free) will just redirect visitors to your actual domain (no need in signing up if you don't have another domainname already).

    And if you need help with Dutch, just PM me

    If you're talking about host.sk: that ain't Dutch...

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    - www.host.sk is slovakian. I made an account there. They are currently not accepting new accounts. If they do accept new, look et their forums. They have English translations there.

    "Môžete to spravi? TU, alebo kliknutím myšou na obrázok navrchu stránky." this means register. You need to click on the TU

    on the next page press:

    this will take you to the registration formular.
    "Registrácia / Registration
    Bol dosiahnutý maximálny po?et registrovaných užívatelov! Prosím skúste sa zaregistrova? neskôr.
    The maximum number of registered users has been reached! Please try it later."

    - www.host.tk is Dutch spoken. owned by easyhosting
    Canada, I speak Dutch (it's my first language) if you have problems understanding you can ask.

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    I'm dutch and I can help... so ask what you wanted to ask. Or don't if you don't want to. Or do something completely else.
    Double Dutch

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    Allrighty then! now i'd like to thank all of you. I'm already aware that the host.sk-is slovakian(by the way created an account there just for free MySQL support-and they're all out of free spaces). So now it came to me that host.TK is only redirect...so that for example my 3rd domain page would look better, when you type it in in your browser. That means that I won't be able to create a brand new site there?
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