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Thread: Sad news for the XP warez world

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    I agree with Pale. It is just plain frustrating that Warez ppl. have brought this change. Punish them not the other Users who use it for legitamate purposes.


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    You can't punish the warez community. We are underground and everywhere. But nowhere to be found. Seriously, how would MS punish us? I fail to see how they could, short of legal action, but that would be tough, who would they charge? So many people have warez and distribute it. But who admits to it??

    By the way, anti-piracy groups do sometimes raid warez communities, but that is when everybody goes underground and hides all their stuff. We had a situation like that not too long ago on dalnet. All the major warez chans had to become secret and private.

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    It amazing to me that Microsoft will spend so much time and effort. Spend countless man hours and waste pletinful development time just to protect their copywrite. As soon as a vulnerability hits thier collective pocket book thier all over the scean but when valid security holes are found in the operating system itself they drag their feet or realise half-ass and obsure patches. SOme that don't even cover the holes that they are meant to.

    {Gets off Soap Box}
    Oh well, what else do we expect from big business? Cudoos to M$ for keeping thier money.
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    I understand Microsoft's desire to protect themselves from having their product become part of the warez community. No one likes to see their work stolen. It's a shame that such radical measures need to be taken.

    Bearing that in mind, I wonder if we dare hope for a reduction in product pricing. Many users have complained of high software costs for years. The typical vendor response is that the price is so high because of piracy. If Microsoft does manage to remove, or at least severely impede, piracy of their software can we hope for a reduction in price?

    I know that corporate culture accepts the high price of software as part of the cost of doing business, but it sure hits the home user hard when you start adding the cost of each package up.

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    I was on a XP warez site reading up on SP1, they have already cracked a beta of SP1, but like you said the algorithim is still being developed. I don't know whether this will affect the SP though, but it took five minutes to get my computer setup so I can install XP SP 1, I can't think of the site though, sorry about that, maybe I can edit the post and put link in.
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    Lol, I know. I found tons of people talking about the crack, and some supposed cracks though I had no way to test them because I don't have XP. I wonder if SP1's security features have become obsolete before they were ever fully implemented.

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