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Thread: Anyone buy Alienware?

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    Anyone buy Alienware?

    I was wondering if anyone had bought a computer from alienware.com recetly. I'm looking for an unbiased opinion of their comps in general.
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    alienware systems are kick-ass rigs. go to just about any site that does reviews of full systems and you'll see absolutely GLOWING reviews.

    i have NEVER seen a bad review given to ANY alienware system

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    Cool deal man. 8 Ball, do you own one? I'm looking at buy their Aroura package deal. I used to go with gateway but in the last few years the whole company has gone to ****. I used to build my machines as well but havn't cause I like what I see in some newer company's packages. Though Alienware is prob what I will go with.
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    I bought one for my brother who is a die hard gamer. He loved the choice of colors, he loved the style of the computer, and its performance on gaming blows away my Dell 8100.

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    lobstermagnet -- Alienware does indeed kick ass, but they can be kinda pricey. You may want to take a look at http://www.monarchcomputer.com. They will let you build your own pc/workstation from scratch, and they have TONS of options, including server cases, rack-mountable cases, multi-processor motherboards, and the like. Their prices are very reasonable. They even sell one style of the Alienware cases (minus the alien on the front ). They also sell CoolerMaster and Lian Li cases, too, if you'd like to look at your options in aluminum.

    I don't want to say they're the best, I just found them not too long ago, but I'll be buying my next system from them.
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    Alienware's do kick ass, but I don't have the $$$, so I just build my own and don't get the cool colors.
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    Thanks roswell, I'll take a closer look at those puters. If I can get the same puter for half the price I will.
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    Got to love Alienware, which is one of the best gaming computers built today. They are well built, neatly constructed (I've never seen the inside of a case so neat) and are optimized for gaming. And they're available at Best Buy of all places now. So if you can afford it, definitely get one. You won't go wrong.
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    I checked alienware at the better business bureau (bbb.org) and they'yre satisfactory, and responsive to any disputes or complaints. However, Falcon Northwest and Voodoo computers haven't had a complaint in the last 3 years.
    You can get a good alienware pc for 3,500 only with out a monitor.
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    Originally posted here by M/S Vin
    You can get a good alienware pc for 3,500 only with out a monitor.
    Holy Smokes! That's expensive! I just priced out a dual-proc dream system with 1 GB RAM on Monarch. Again, I'll say that I haven't done business with them yet, and they could be a terrible company (just checked bbb.org, and they do have 25 complaints in the last 12 months -- 41 total since March 2000. Most were resolved), but they seem to sell top quality parts at good prices. I priced out the following specs w/o a monitor:

    Cases: 1006214 Lian-Li PC-60 Black Aluminum w/430W PS -- $242.00
    Case Fan: 130116 - Thermaltake 80x80x25 HP Fan -- $ 25.00
    Motherboards: 110542 - Tyan Thunder K7X (S2468GN) -- $358.00
    Processor: 120602 - AMD Athlon MP 1800+ 266FSB -- $149.00
    2nd Processor: 122602 - AMD Athlon MP 1800+ 266FSB -- $149.00
    Heatsink Fans: 130989 - TaiSolC GK742092 (AMD Approved) -- $ 22.00
    2nd Heat Sink Fan: 132989 - TaiSolC GK742092 -- $ 22.00
    Memory: 140826-2 DDR 2100 - 512 MB Corsair -- $158.00
    2nd Memory: 142826-2 DDR 2100 - 512 MB Corsair -- $158.00
    Hard Drive: 150506 - IBM 40 GB 7200 -- $ 79.00
    Raid Setup: None
    CD-ROM: 160303 - Asus 52X CD-ROM -- $ 30.00
    DVD: 160700 - Sony 16X DVD 40X CD-ROM -- $ 59.00
    CD-RW/DVD-RW: 160404 - Yamaha 24x10x40 3200EZ CDRW -- $149.00
    Floppy Drive: 170101 - 1.44MB 3.5 inch Floppy Drive -- $ 14.00
    More Storage: None
    Mass Storage & Raid Controllers: None
    Sound Card: 180312 - CreativeLabs Audigy XGamer 5.1 -- $ 92.00
    Video Card: 190905 - Gainward GeForce4 Ti4200 TV/DVI 128MB AGP -- $179.00
    Modem: None
    Operating System: 210103 - Windows 2000 -- $159.00
    Network Card: On Motherboard
    Add On Card: 270408 - Fire Wire Card -- $ 45.00
    Warranty: 800007 - 1 Year - Parts & Labor - Barebone
    Hard Drive2: 152506 - IBM 40 GB 7200 -- $ 79.00
    Total: $2,233.00
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