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Thread: MSWord 2000 'offensive to lesbians,' says rock star

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    MSWord 2000 'offensive to lesbians,' says rock star

    Originally posted here by John Lettice
    And other things as well, of course. In Word 2000, if you type "the dykes which cut the granite are 2m wide," the grammar checker will change it to "the dykes who cut the granite are 2m wide." Since Alan told us this we at The Register have been striving to drive politically incorrect visions of burly granite-cutting Heroines of Soviet Labour from our minds, and we suggest you good people do likewise.

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    JEEZ...isn't there enough wrong in this country...is this the best thing that people can find to bitch about?? Good Post, Joey...what an absurd society we live in.
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    wow............there are no words. Someone has FAR too much time on their hands.
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