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    Phrack 59 prerelease 1 has been publicly relesased. Get it at http://www.phrack.org/gogetit/phrack59.tar.gz If you have already seen it, and gotten from a different source, you may want to check your computer. Someone trojaned the extraction utility, and a lot of the introduction was edited. If you didn't get it from phrack.org, don't trust it....

    The offical release date is July 28th, but considering the leaked issue was so messed up, the guys from phrack are distibuting the prerelease to the public....
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    Sounds like a nasty situation, its pretty messed up that someone would taint information like that. Thanx for the heads up
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    thanks for the warning

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    Hm, that's not good, but then again it's not a gigantic surprise either.

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