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Thread: Are you a c++ beginner?

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    Are you a c++ beginner?


    this is for the people who had been making posts on what book they should refer to when pursuing c++. i should have made this post earlier but then i was having some troubles with my mouse and you know how difficult it is to keep on [tabbing] all day to get access to just one click on one browser window . Anyway lets get to the point ....

    what i feel is that any book that gives you the basics (when i say basics i mean arrays , pointers , stacks ,lists,structures, classes, loops and all the other things) will be good . Now people tend to think that a good book must have a lot of examples. WRONG !! i personally feel that examples are good but they dont give your "grey" the scope to expand.Whereas at the end of the day you are looking for solving problems on your own . Meanwhile i also have another tip /*give your comments frequently*/ and try solving the same prob. in different ways . what i mean by this is that suppose you write a program using a do-while.....the next time attempt it with a for , thats going to improve your skills !! absolutely sure about this one .

    As for books, two years back when i started i was using the one by Robert Lafore.Goodness me no one has ever mentioned it on AO before this, no problems... must go through once.

    Another thing....patience....you need it coz being prfect[still missing "e" proves that i'm not and no one will ever be ] will take a lot of time .....fortune favours the hard working so start well to end well ....luck !!

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    Well, I think for beginners, C++ book with lots of example code gonna be a great help. If there's few example code, it's kinna hard to start and be familiar with programming.

    Of course for the experienced programmers, the book like "Effective C++ 50 specific Ways to Improve Your Program and Design" is good to really understand the behavior of C++
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    i agreee, in the case of beginners i believe it is a good idea for there to be examples, it allows them to study the code and understand it etc....

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