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Thread: VPN security

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    VPN security

    I am setting up a VPN through my firewall. I would like to know the opinions of other users out there on how secure VPN's are and if they aren't how they can be made secure.

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    VPN, if set up properly can be quite secure (though nothing is impenetrable). What OS(s) are you planning on using for the VPN? Also, are you setting up a hardware VPN solution or a software solution?

    Here are some links which may help you get started:

    Professor Windows - VPN
    Windows 2000 VPN
    Windows XP VPN Security
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    VPN Guides
    VPN Info


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    Windows 2000 will be the operating system that the user have. The actual firebox is handeling the VPN tunnell

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    I have found one of the most diffcult thing to do in a VPN connect is that you may not have control over what the end user always does. For example lap tops you install and configure the OS for the VPN etc and all works well during testing. Usually the users has elevated rights both at the firewall and their lap top? Unless you can control the end PC or lap top rights and policies fully then it can be secure if their son or daughter use the PC lap top to surf and do their thing you got a ton of problems. Emote users are diffcult to control even more so if they have senior status where you work and demand local admin rights on their systems but are totally lame users.
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